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Fine wine from Wales
Glyndwr Vineyard produces a range of fine, award-winning wines which have been carefully blended and fermented by their skilled winemaker for over 40 years.

Crafted with expertise

The current owners pioneered the revival of viticulture in Wales, establishing Glyndwr Vineyard in 1979, making it the oldest family estate in Wales.

Award winning experience

Glyndwr wines have won many competitions and commendations from Decanter Magazine to the UK Vineyards Association Awards. The sparkling wines have been particularly successful with the Brut taking first prize in the renowned South West Vineyards Association competition. The red wine, judged by four Masters of Wine, was singled out for a double gold in the same competition, the first time this accolade had ever been awarded.

From our cellar

Underneath the farmhouse is the cellar, where the wines are stored and quietly mature. The wines can be purchased online or direct from the cellars.

Please be sure to phone for an appointment prior to arrival if you wish to buy wines directly from the vineyard.
Please, if you prefer, contact us for a quotation.

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